Dr. Madhu Thumu

Dr Madhu Thumu has been in the field of Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery for almost 15 years. His areas of specialisation include Joint Replacement Surgery for the joints of upper and lower limbs and Trauma Management. Currently placed as a full-time consultant in Srikara Hospitals, Miyapur, Dr Madhu has been one of the most skilled Bone Specialists in Hyderabad. After finishing his MS-Ortho from Pondicherry, he has been working at various places and also done his fellowship in Joint Replacements with vast experience in performing hip and knee replacement surgery. He also did Mch-Ortho from USAIMS in 2012. He is also providing numerous services in the field of joint replacement and trauma.

In 2017, he acquired a fellowship in Robotic Surgery for Knee Replacements from Pittsburgh, USA. He has wide-ranging skills in Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries. He is known for his sound clinical judgment and surgical skills. Dr Madhu Thumu and his team are the only ones in South India to perform robotics for knee replacements and also the first in South India to do the maximum number of Knee Replacement Surgeries with oxinium implants. He is also specialised in Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery, where he does fixations with minimal soft tissue dissection.

Through his 15 years of experience, he has gained goodwill as well as immense knowledge in the field. Along with his exceptional skills in joint replacement surgeries, he is also good at personal counselling, which has helped many people grow out of their worries. He has brought in advanced techniques to help people with painless and fast recovering treatments. He utilises the best quality diagnostic and treatment approaches. Apart from being a doctor, he also is a fitness enthusiast and likes to motivate his patients to give their health the best they can with simple exercises that can strengthen their bones and body as a whole.

He is a member of Bombay orthopaedic society. Some of the services provided by the doctor are:

  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip joints
  • Spine Replacement
  • Polytrauma Replacement

He thoroughly conducts patient interviews to discuss their concerns and symptoms and gather information about their medical history and allergies. These will help him to evaluate the source, that educates patients about treatments and procedures in an easily understandable manner. He can encounter complex problems daily and must be able to make decisions quickly and with a reasonable amount of confidence.

As this is a competitive field and the orthopaedic surgeon description requires years of formal education and specialised training. The ability to provide care to those indeed is a rewarding experience. Fortunately, he is talented in this manner. Patients who visit him will surely get comfortable with his warmth. He feels that making someone smile can brush away half their pain, which makes it much easier for him to treat them. That is perhaps the secret to Dr Madhu’s success. If you are looking for a Joint Replacement Surgery, you’re lucky enough to have Dr Madhu to treat you. Get well soon.